Time for insights to open up a new vision of the future.

Tend your garden and grow into your new life

but beware of getting too busy.  

​​Have you lost a loved one?

a job? a home?

a marriage or relationship?

your health?

your sense of purpose or motivation?

or had some other significant loss that has left you feeling

like you are drowning in a sea of grief?

After any traumatic upheaval in our lives, we are often caught in a storm of emotions and left feeling lost and disoriented.  Fortunately, this disorientation does not need to be something to fear if we understand the true nature of change.  Instead, our darkest hours can be like a regenerative womb that gently holds us as we heal.  As a Seasons of Change coach, I share the inspired way of working with Nature's Wisdom that was developed by Dr. Carol McClelland Fields.   By using the ancient wisdom of the seasons as our guide, we can return with reverence to the natural world and be gently carried back into the regenerative waters of Spring where we can find our way once again.  

True Nature Coaching 

Time to sense any change that is in the air

and gather your resources.

Retreat and reflect.  Listen and look for insights

and get support.

Take time to savor your success.

Life is good and all is well once again.  

Plant the garden of your new life.  Put plans into action. Don't expect Spring to come all at once.  Sometimes it's cold and rainy again.

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Research your options. Create plans based on your vision of a new future.